Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Secret of True Love

True love never die
The secret of true love is this, the secret lies in this: that the love we speak of is what is truly understood by the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news that Christ brought on earth, so it’s a love as it is conceived in God, not on earth. It’s a love that we see being lived by the persons of the Most Holy Trinity. For example, the Father loves everyone and lets the rain fall and makes the sun rise on the good and on the bad, he loves everyone. So it’s a love that puts us in the disposition to love all our brothers and sisters, so not only our relatives, friends or the ones we like, but we have to love everyone. Therefore, during the day, in order to love them, we have to single out every person we meet.
A second requirement of this love, which does not exist on earth precisely because it comes from Heaven, is that we must be the first to love and not wait to be loved. Generally, one waits to be loved in order to love. Instead it must be like this: we must be the first to love and this is shown by Jesus, the second divine Person who became man, who died for us when we were yet sinners, which means that we certainly were not loving then.
It’s a tangible love, like that of Jesus, who gave his life. It’s not a sentimental, platonic love, but one that becomes real. It’s a love that “makes itself one” with the other, with those who suffer and those who rejoice, and participate in the suffering and helps those who suffer or participates in the joy.
If this love is practiced in the world, and the Movement lives it, … it’s the secret of the Movement. The Movement has lived it in all the nations of the world. Generally it has been reciprocated because people feel loved and get along well with us.  in their DNA, have the idea of loving and the strength to love because they are created by God who is Love. 
Any relationship that lack this understanding will always struggles. keep loving....................

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